For You To Experience Freshly Ground Coffee In Just One Click, We Present You The Best Coffee Beans.


  • What is the difference between commercial coffee and speciality coffee?

    Unlike a commercial coffee that uses defective and poor quality beans, with speciality coffee we follow a process that takes care of all its properties.

    We always select speciality coffees. Coffees that have obtained more than 80 points in cupping.
    Each coffee is roasted with a unique profile according to its origin and traditionally, always respecting its unique qualities.
    We label our coffee with all its properties and all those characteristics that make it special (tasting notes, altitude, farm, roasting date).

  • The altitude

    Gourmet coffee is characterized by the fact that it is grown at high altitudes. This is necessary for the coffee beans to grow and ripen properly.

    The selection of coffee
    The right choice of beans is a very important part of obtaining quality coffee. For this reason, they are usually picked by hand, looking for beans that are in their optimum state of ripeness and have the best physical characteristics.

  • ColumnThe preparation. The drying processes.

    The quality of a coffee bean is conditioned by a large number of factors. All the circumstances surrounding its growth and production such as the micro-climate of the farm, the way the land and trees are treated, the altitude, the composition of the soil, the shade the coffee trees receive, the type of cherry picking, and finally, the type of process used to treat the beans will determine its particularities and taste.

    Roasting is decisive for the quality of the coffee. Even if the beans are ideal, if we inadequately roast them, we can cause them to lose all the nuances in aroma, acidity, and flavor, which is what makes them unique.