Milk and Coffee Ice.

Milk and Coffee Ice.

You'll enjoy this recipe if you enjoy milk in your coffee. The drink will progressively become cooler as the ice melts, soaking the flavor. You'll need to prepare it beforehand, but once you do, you'll be able to surprise both your family and friends. If you're organizing a party this summer, pay attention.

The recipe is fairly straightforward, and the quantities can be changed to suit each individual. The quality of each ingredient is crucial because it directly affects the flavor.


  • espresso or Americano coffee
  • regular or vegetable milk
  • sweet syrup as desired

    Preparation method:

  1.  Make an espresso or Americano according to your preferences. Pour the coffee into the ice cubes after cooling it. The silicone molds make it simpler to remove the cubes, but you may use whatever you have on hand.
  2. You can freeze additional portions at once to prolong the enjoyment of your beverage.
  3. Put a few cubes of ice in a glass when it's done, then add some syrup for sweetness. Whichever one you like is acceptable. Since sugar doesn't dissolve well in cold beverages, it won't function in this situation.
  4. Fill the glass with milk. You can change the temperature as well. The ice will melt faster if the milk is heated. Put the milk in the refrigerator in advance for a more cool beverage, or chill the glass of milk, ice, and water for a while.
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