coffee in Chemex

How to prepare a coffee in Chemex?

coffee in Chemex

One method of making coffee stands out to us among the others because it resembles a laboratory instrument more than a coffee maker.

In this case, using a Chemex coffee maker to prepare coffee is in question. a technique for extracting coffee that has recently gained enormous popularity among enthusiasts, particularly among the younger ones.

A brief history
Water drips down a layer of coffee and a filter, often made of paper, using the Chemex drip technique. Because it uses a paper filter system, the coffee is exceptionally clean, and the filters are 25% heavier than standard filters to prevent particles from passing through.
The scientist Peter J. Schlumbohm, a member of the Bauhaus movement, invented it in 1941. Today, it is not only still in use but is also regarded as one of the best filter coffee makers and a design classic.
Schlumbohm was inspired by two laboratory instruments, his laboratory glass embedder, and his Erlenmeyer Matraz, and he continued to improve it until he produced what is now known as the Chemex coffee maker.

Now that we are more knowledgeable about this instrument, let's see how a cup of coffee is made.
Preparation of coffee with Chemex

Chemex coffee maker
A paper filter
33 grams of coffee with a medium grind of TAYKURY COFFEE L'espresso high selection
450 ml of water

In the Chemex, put the filter. To remove any contaminants, wash the filter with water that is 92°C, then drain the water.
Make sure the coffee is dispersed evenly after adding it to the filter.
Pour water in the center, making little circles to soak the coffee while avoiding flooding the area.
We re-wet the filter by pouring water on it in broader circles after waiting 20 seconds.
Wait after adding water up to two centimeters from the filter's edge.
Pour water in the center, making little circles to soak the coffee while avoiding flooding the area.
To keep the coffee from clogging the filter, mix it using a stirrer.
We can take the filter out when the drop is moving extremely slowly.
The wonderful coffee, which was made in a Chemex coffee maker, is now ready to be served.

Would you risk making it in your coffee shop?
Customers will adore it, particularly for the ritual that goes along with it.

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